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  • Christmas vouchers

    Givie memorable experiences in nature is the best gift.

    To your partner, a friend or a relative.

    With the Christmas OCitania's Chrsitmas Voucher you will find it easy to surprise.
  • Different celebrations

    Do you want to make a different Christmas celrebation with your employees or business partners?

    Come to the Wooden Bungalow!

    Turn on the fireplace, drink hot chocolate and we will do a super-enjoyable  outdoor activity!

  • New!

    You are one of the few survivors after the Apocalypse.

    Around you there is an abandoned gas station, semi-burdened cars and an apocalyptic scene that causes you an unknown feeling.

    ¡And you're not alone. But you do not know if they are friends or enemies. You will have to battle ...


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