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CETS actions

Did you know that Ocitania is certified with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism?

This implies that we take special care that our activity is as respectful of the environment as much as possible and that we carry out different actions to be as sustainable as possible.

Read on and learn about some of the most important actions we carry out.

Some of these actions are:

- We have 100 photovoltaic panels to generate sustainable energy. Thanks to this, the facilities work, to a large extent, with the energy we generate ourselves.

- We have trackers in our vehicles to monitor petrol and diesel consumption and improve their management.

- We have placed nest boxes in the surroundings of Ocitania in order to help conserve the biodiversity of the territory.

- We have an exhibitor of local and typical products of the territory, with whom we will collaborate by creating routes with the product as the main element: Mooma cider and juices, Rupià beers, Trull del Montgrí oil, Mas Geli wine, rice from Pals and anchovies from l'Escala.

- We have informative posters about the park for all visitors at our welcome points.

- We have created specific routes that highlight the territory's own resources. The pirate route is a good example :-)

- We do marketing and promotion actions aimed at locals and in the low season

- We help local projects by donating gift vouchers for wine and social events in the area.

- We offer free activities to people who are from Gualta so that they can get to know the natural and cultural heritage of the park.

And a few more things...