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Discover the Natural Park

One park, three lanscapes

The Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter is a protected spot that captivates for its beauty.

In this park you will find unique and singular spots such as the Montgrí mountain, the Medes Islands and its underwater life and the lower stretch of one of the most important rivers in Catalonia: the Ter.

Want to discover more?

The Montgrí Natural Park, the Illes Medes and the Baix Ter is a place of great beauty. One park, three landscapes.

The Montgrí Mountain, with its silhouette so well known seems the sahpe of a bishop who puts his feet in the water. From the top there are spectacular views of the Empordà! And is really worth it to know the history of its usfinished castle....

The Medas Islands are a mecca for divers from all over the world, with spectacular seabeds. And they also have very interesting stories about pirates.

And the Ter: this Catalan and hard-working river that, after a 208-km journey from Setcases, comes to die in the Mediterranean Sea at the Gola del Ter: a unique and essential place in this park.

Are you curious and you want to know more?

In Ocitània we offer tours in our burricletas e-bikes to discover some of these magical places. We have looked for viewpoints that allow you to see the park and the Empordà in all its splendor and corners full of nature and culture that we know you will like.

We also believe that from Ocitania we must do everything possible to conserve and improve the space of the park as well as carry out a sustainable management of our activity.

That is why we are part of CETS: the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

If you want to know all the actions we carry out to help preserve and improve the space, click here: