Aquest lloc web utilitza 'cookies' pròpies i de tercers per oferir-li una millor experiència i servei.
Al navegar o utilizar els nostres serveis l'usuari accepta l'ús que fem de les 'cookies'. Més informació [Tanca aquest missatge]

You are one of the few survivors after the Apocalypse.

Around you there is an abandoned gas station, semi-burdened cars and an apocalyptic scene that causes you an unknown feeling.

¡And you're not alone. But you do not know if they are friends or enemies. You will have to battle ...


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Now Private E-bike guided tours
Come and discover with a guide fabolous places of the Natural Park: medieval villages, countryside, beaches and coves.

Do you want to discover the territory with a local guide?

As a good shepherd, he will guide you through the most beautiful corners of the Empordà region and will also explain you memorable secrets and stories.

Relax and enjoy... we'll do the rest!

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Burricleta I-Pad Quest
New! Ideal Teambuilding

The new activity we propose is an orientation game with I-Pads.

Team competition and Burricleta.

An exclusive, unique and very fun activity.

Ideal for companies that want to encourage teambuilding

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Segway X2

Eco-friendly, easy and fun. This is the Segway X2, an innovative and enjoyable way of riding across the Empordan region.

The electric vehicle comfortably travels the hill terrain, beaches, marshland and nature trails,as well as the old village streets.... Suitable for all ages and the driving only takes a few minutes to learn. You will be accompanied at all times by a guide, who will explain and assist throughout the excursion.

Laser Combat

Strategy, run, hide, crawl and scream! A game to enjoy and have fun with family and friends, no impacts, no pain, only excitement and big smiles!

The latest technology that uses infra-red similar to television remote controls combined with a variety of games set amidst nature. Already getting in the mood for a game?

New! We have changed the laser ground, with more fun! Try it and explain it!

Burricleta, the Catalan e-bike

Burricleta gets people closer with nature in a gentil, informative and contemplative way.

Try this unique way of getting to know the countryside and the history and culture of your surroundings. You'll breath fresh air, share memorable moments with you friends and family, and you won't even get tired.


Room, room, roooom, .... and the kids run at the natural circuit of Ocitània with miniquads. Bends, coils, pending... small challenges for young drivers.

The young ones will feel like real drivers and will learn to drive having fun safely, with an instructor always keeping an eye on them.

They'll have a great  time, for sure!

Spaces to rent

Imagine having a corner of the Empordà all to yourselves.

Mature trees, a small lake and a great play area are all part  part of our house at Ocitània. But it still has more things you will enjoy, such as an open fireplace, barbecue and games for children.

You can rent this ideal space to share with friends, family and have a great evening.

Archery tag

Archery Tag is a unique adventure experience that uses authentic bows, and arrows with their tips made of foam. You can take part in a thrilling game, full of action, which is also easy for everyone who iscapable of pulling the bowstring.

You will feel get an adrenaline rush, but you will have a fun and safe experience at the same time, because the impact doesn´t hurt.

Giracat OneWheel

Are you one of those who enjoys trying new things? Try the OneWheel Giracat then!

Small, light and surprising, this electrical monocycle will test your ability, skill and balance.

We will be glad to teach you how to use this fun vehicle, that will surely catch your attention, at the Ocitania circuit.

Zip line

If you are doing some other activity Ocitània can also opt to shoot you for our zip line!

Try it and joyfullness! Excitement guaranteed!


Premium activities

Atelier Ocitània is our guarantee of high quality activities.

If you are looking for a unique and memorable event for your company or for special moments, this is your section.

We provide you with personalized attention from the first moment to the last and everything has been throught in detail so that your event isa resounding success.

Combined activities

Try combining several activities in one day and get the most out of your experience at Ocitània.

You can combine our activities, or mix and match them with other activities we recommend outside our facilities.

There are various options: for adventurers, for romantics, for lovers of engines or water... Check out this section and choose the activity that suits you best!