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  • Discover the Natural Park

    One park, three lanscapes

    The Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter is a protected spot that captivates for its beauty.

    In this park you will find unique and singular spots such as the Montgrí mountain, the Medes Islands and its underwater life and the lower stretch of one of the most important rivers in Catalonia: the Ter.

    Want to discover more?

  • The Archery Tag: An Adventure movie!

    If you want to feel like a real Robin Hood or as the main character in a film like «The Hunger Games», «The Lord of the Rings» or «Brave», do not hesitate, come over with your friends, take our authentic bows and arrows and you will see that they can take you to a real adventure movie!

    Especially thought for those who enjoy action, just like you, you will be able to shoot in a long and short distance with arrows with their tips made of foam that, of course, wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  • The Giracat: A new challenge for those who dare!


    Are you one of those who enjoys trying new things? Do you want to test your ability and balance ?

    We propose you to come and meet our Giracat, a challenge of your skills thought for those who dare like you, who enjoys two wheeled vehicles, like our segways, especially if they are different and unique, like our Giracat !

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