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Medieval town Pals and wine taste in the a vineyard

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Activity description:

Points of interest of the route:

- Gualta Bridge
- Small villages of Fontanilles and Fontclara
- Medieval town of Pals
- Crops: apple trees and rice fields.
- Ter River
- Natural Park of Montgrí, Illes Medes and Baix Ter.
Description of the route
We will leave the Burricleta Center and pedal to the small towns of Gualta, Fontanilles and Fontclara. Did you know that the names of these towns are all related to water? Despite being small, they have great stories that we will explain to you.
We arrive at the medieval town of Pals.
You have to get off the bike and walk through these cobbled streets of ocher and brown. A must see are the Torre de las Horas and the Mirador de Josep Pla. From the Torre de las Horas, the castle's ancient tour, we can enjoy a view of the Medes Islands, in the sea and understand the danger that these towns were in, where pirate and corsair attacks were frequent.
From the viewpoint of Josep Pla you can see a postcard of the Montgrí and the surrounding lands that make up the Montgrí Natural Park, the Illes Medes and the Baix Ter. In these lands a rice of great quality is cultivated, the Rice of Pals.
It is time to go to do the tasting among vineyards to Mas Geli.
When we return to pedal, we will pass by rice fields that make up a beautiful mosaic landscape.

The wine tasting in the vineyard

Mas Geli is a family project motivated by our thrill to elaborate the wine that expresses every essence of its original territory. Their dream comes true on 2014 when they decided to plant autochthonous varieties from l’Empordà such as white grenache, red grenache, black grenache, white carignan, black carignan and subirat parent, among others.

Mas Geli is located in “Els Masos de Pals”, a privileged region surrounded by the rocky ranges of Begur and Montgrí. In turn, its sandy and limestone terroir, together with its proximity to the sea and the particular microclimate of the zone, bring out a unique personality in the wine that is produced. At present, we have thirteen hectares of vine. By means of organic farming and manual harvesting, we select the best product to elaborate our wine.

Their  aim is to create unique and personalized experiences, which, based on a wonderful environment and quality products, combines the freshness of the Sea and the vigour of the tramontane.


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Price x participant:
55 €
Recommended for:
Bache party
Team building
Level of effort:
Suitable for:
Children (0-5)
Children (5-9)
Teens (13-18)
Adult (+18)
Pensioners (+65)
Min: 20 Max: 35


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