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Party kids
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Wooden cottage + Segway (8)

ACTIVITIES  /  Combined packages

Activity description:

Do you want to throw a party with family or friends, have a good time and do something you'll never forget, adults and children alike?

Then, after a great barbecue in our cabin or any food that you need to bring, you can try out the Segways on our circuit, supervised by an instructor who will help you at all times.

You'll have a real laugh and can experiment with our innovative, fun, easy to ride, quiet vehicle that is suitable for all physical conditions.

The wooden cottage has toilets and shower, a cooking corner, hot water, barcounter, fireplace, barbacue, large gardens, cark park and has capacity for 40 people.

Furniture: two toiletstwo showers, TV, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, 5 tables 80cm x 80cm, 2 folding tables40 chairs, one 3 seater sofa, 1 armchair, bar and two stoolsgrills for barbacue, fireplace utensils.

There are board games and a blackboard with chalks.

There are also rubbish bags, toilet paper and cleaning products.

Includes: firewood/logs, bouncy castle, mini football goals and an out door games area for young children.

Open from 11am to 7pm.

Capacity: between 30 to 40 people.

The price includes 8 Segways for 1 hour, which can be shared among several people.

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Final price:
279 €
Recommended for:
Bache party
Team building
8 hores
Level of effort:
Suitable for:
Children (0-5)
Children (5-12)
Teens (12-18)
Adult (+18)
Pensioners (+65)
Min: 1 Max: 14


  • Usable during the day.
  • If it is a children's party, an adult must supervise the group.
  • The cabin must be left in the same condition it was found and a 200€ deposit must be paid in case of damage or lack of cleanliness. The deposit will be returned at ghe end of the activity if everything is satisfactory.
  • Available from September to June.


  • As a precaution, pregnant women are not allowed to ride the Segway X2.
  • You must weigh between 30 and 100 kg to ride a Segway X2.
  • The handlebar backpacks can be loaded with a maximum of 4 kg.
  • When on an excursion all participants should ride in a line and always be behind the guide.
  • Always give way to pedestriansand respect them, and when possible overtake them on the left and at moderate speed. Your behaviour should always be respectful towards the environment in general.
  • Helmets must always be worn on Segway excursions with Ocitània.
  • You must always use both hands when riding the Segways, therefore mobile phones and other devices are not permitted while Segway are in use.
  • Out of respect for the environment, smoking is not allowed whilst on a Segway excursion.


  • It is advisable that you visit the venue before the celebration day.


  • In the summer: sunglasses, sports shoes and sunscreen are required.
  • In the winter: suitable warm clothing is recommended.


Week days: