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Kayak Ter
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Segway + Kayak around the river Ter

ACTIVITIES  /  Combined packages

Activity description:

See the green colors that surround the the river Ter contrasted with the blue skies of the Empordà, is really an unforgettable experience.

After receiving some simple instructions on how to maneuver a kayak Colomers leave the dam, one of the best preserved of the Empordà and go gently downhill following the river Ter, a river that rises in the Pyrenees, across the range cross and pours its waters in the Mediterranean in full Empordà. Being down a river gives a very different vision of what we are accustomed, surf constantly surrounded by the vegetation, birds, sounds of water and we are not spectators but in part. They are 8 kilometers of navigable placid, quiet, sheltered if the wind blows fresh and warm days.

Once in the village of Verges we will try the Segway X2, and begin the excursion trough the landscape of Empordà, a large open space surrounded by mountains: Montgrí Gavarres and mountains of Begur and the Pyrenees as a backdrop . Discover all of ethnographic elements that over time have continued to shape the current landscape, farms, mills, dams, irrigation canals, fields, sand dunes. Then climb to the pre-Romanesque chapel of the Holy Roman Arenas and his high-medieval settlement and end up doing a tour of the medieval town of Colomers.

Price: 77€

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Price x participant:
77 €
Recommended for:
Bache party
Team building
4 hores
Level of effort:
Suitable for:
Children (0-5)
Children (5-12)
Teens (12-18)
Adult (+18)
Pensioners (+65)
Min: 4 Max: 14


  • To be able to swim.
  • Mandatory to wear the flotation vest adapted to the client.


  • As a precaution, pregnant women are not allowed to ride the Segway X2.
  • You must weigh between 30 and 100 kg to ride a Segway X2.
  • The handlebar backpacks can be loaded with a maximum of 4 kg.
  • When on an excursion all participants should ride in a line and always be behind the guide.
  • Always give way to pedestriansand respect them, and when possible overtake them on the left and at moderate speed.
  • Your behaviour should always be respectful towards the environment in general.
  • Helmets must always be worn on Segway excursions with Ocitania.
  • You must always use both hands when riding the Segways, therefore mobile phones and other devices are not permitted while Segways are in use.
  • Out of respect for the environment, smoking is not allowed whilst on a Segway excursion.


  • Suit Footwear suitable for walking by the river.
  • If expected bad weather (rain or wind), it is advisable to carry a thin waterproof anorak type "kangaroo".
  • Furthermore, it is recommended to bring: water, sunscreen and sun-hat or cap (mandatory in the summer period).


  • In the summer: sunglasses, sports shoes and sunscreen are required.
  • In the winter: suitable warm clothing is recommended.


Week days: